Horses and ranch




- Our stable is composed of forward-going Arab horses who will surprise you with their robustness and their agility. They are small (1,50 m on average - the ideal size for trailing on tortuous paths !).

Responsive, well-balanced and respectful of the rider, they are trained with natural horsemanship method. Our horses live together in a herd, which contributes to their well-being. Don't look for boxes, when they are not on trail, our horses are grazing in the fields around the farm.


  • San, arabian cross horse, mare, 18 years old

  • Eymire, arabian horse, mare, 6 years old

  • Sheitan, arabian horse, mare, 18 years old

  • Gaisha, arabian horse, mare, 6 years old

  • Saka, arabian cross horse, gelding, 13 years old

  • Mannequin, arabian horse, mare, 10 years old

  • Akira, arabian horse, male, 1 year old

  • Mira, arabian horse, mare, 10 years old

  • Hayalim, arabian horse, mare, 7 years old

  • Hazane, arabian cross horse, mare, 3 years old

  • Brothers: Ketchoum & Akira

  • Tigger, arabian horse, gelding, 14 years old

  • Eymire, arabian horse, mare, 8 years old

  • Safak, arabian cross horse, mare, 18 years old



Most of our horses are born in the farm or are ex race horses. To train them to become pleasant and trustful, we are training them with natural horsemanship technics. All our horses can lead, all can be ridden alone. In the future, we will continue to select forward going, responsive, sure footed horses which are fun to ride ...

  • Discovering


    Every day, leaving with our horses is best school for us to learn the spirit of our horses. So we try to share this knowlegde to our guest, for everybody to enjoy a ride with us!
  • Breaking horse

    Breaking horse

    Hazane (crossed arab), Mare, 3 years old, a future star Daughter of San
  • Leading horse

    Leading horse

    To know your horse better, to establish a confident relationship together, to be able to pass steep and narrow terrain, you need to lead your horse and to have a horse respectful with his rider
  • Training horse

    Training horse

    Cappadocia is a very nice playing area to explore with your horse. You will discover the talent of this animals, real 4 X 4 able to pass everywhere.
  • Endurance horse

    Endurance horse

    Cantering on a arabian horse on a regular pace, in the more beautiful landscape of Cappadocia, what a dream. That's why we trained our hourses like atlets, participating on endurances race, for them to be always ready for a long, long canter !



The riding equipment includes standard bits and pelhams,  McClellan light trailing saddles and saddles made by ourself. 

These are fitted with two saddle-bags for you to carry personal belongings for the day.

  • Saddle


  • McClellan


  • Classic equipment

    Classic equipment

  • Saddle older in a trail

    Saddle older in a trail

  • Horse shoes

    Horse shoes

  • Work shop

    Work shop



Our farm is at a short distance from the villages of Ortahisar and Urgup. Located in the heart of the national park, away from roads, it is the perfect starting point for nature trails and the exploration of Cappadocia's most famous valleys.

We share our home with 25 horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens and a donkey.

  • Farm


    Hidding between rocks, here is the farm !
  • Hello Girls!

    Hello Girls!

    A daily cheese production at the farm ! If you try it, you will love it !
  • Our chickens

    Our chickens

    Daily eggs! We try to be self substanaible !
  • Our garden

    Our garden

    Permaculture project... we produce our own vegetables! Producing organic food, understanding more about our needs, our ecosystem, living closer to mother nature is part of Kapadokya Ranch way of life !
  • Our mascot!

    Our mascot!

    Suslu, Just for love !



Our team is a small family:

Nicolas Guillo the owner and the manager of Kapadokya ranch, has decided to make Cappadocia his home over 20 years ago and has been organizing horseriding trails since then. He speaks French, English, Turkish.

Helene, who have always been a rider met him on a horse trip across Turkey. They are sharing the love of long distance horse travel and a piece of life ! Helene is always around to ensure of the well being of riders and animals.

Rifat is the full time groom of the ranch, he can be sometime mechanic, driver, logisticien. If you need a hand, he is always here!

For delicious lunches in the wild, amazing meals in camp, Coni & Gokhan are in the backstage !

For occasional helps that make the difference; workaways, friends of the ranch are also part of the family !

  • Nico


  • Nico


  • Rifat


  • Helene


  • Nico


  • Helene & Nicolas

    Helene & Nicolas